Welcome to my life and most importantly the work that makes me or what I like to call myself, unique.

https://thebrookealexa.com/ is a way for me to show the world all my accomplishments over the past few years of knowing what I want to pursue (Copywriter/Editor) once I walked across that lovely stage we all know as, graduation.

To ensure that I have done everything in my power to put myself in a place that I want to be, I joined a multitude of platforms that gave me the opportunity to share my voice. All these experiences you can find below on my resume!

These are my roads I have once traveled and continue to explore on day to day basis.

I am so excited to continue my journey and share the adventures I partake in throughout the next years of my life. As someone who always reminds herself that life is too short to not live to your greatest potential, I must say that this takes an extreme amount of time and commitment. No person gets to where they want to be in the blink of an eye, that’s for sure. 

If leaps and bounds are thrown your way, just know that you will get through them and in no time you will explore and find what you love, just like I did.